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budget office under george w. bush o 2005.03 tw it's good to have you here. >> thank you. it's a privilege to be here. i have submitted a written statement for the record. let me make three points. first point is that the immigration bill has many aspects. there are sectoral, economic impacts. , immigration reform represents an economic policy opportunity. an opportunity for the united states to dictate the evolution of its future population. the absence of immigration, low fertility rates means that the u.s. population declines. the u.s. isf dictated by immigration choices. the evidence is that new , andrants both work more have small businesses at a higher rate. i have done some estimates that for benchmark performance suggests that he could have as much as nearly a full percentage point faster growth over 10 years. associated with that, every member of the committee would be pleased to see less budgetary pressure, faster growth using cbo rules of thumb, deafness -- her its by two and have that is something we have to onnk about, and not rely efforts that ignore economic gr
a long history under wayne lapierre of hostility to law enforcements. former president george h.w. bush, a lifelong nra member resigned when wayne lapierre referred to the federal agents investigating that awful crime that killed 178 americans as jack footed thugs. >> michael: and they get so upset when the president or frankly anyone who is arguing for gun control appears with any police officers or anybody with law enforcement. they get so bent out of shape about that. it's so frustrating when i see that. david, you compare it to what would have happened, as you just said, if the suspects had poisoned food, for example, or shot people, how much easier would it have been to find them this it been a poisoning? it took a number of days to figure out to trace these things. given logistics and radio tagging and other things we could do a much better job tracing many things but in particular i don't see any argument that we should not be able to trace guns. although the nar fights that furiously, or explosive materials. >> michael: explain to me, then, why they would be motivated to keep fr
of george w. bush. authorities nabbed him. investigators say they will use this trip wire system as they look at information from retailers and suppliers around the country who may have encountered someone making recent suspicious large purchases. we'll keep following this one and see what they come up with. >>steve: thank you very much, heather. there's going to be extra security around the country, including here in new york city. 1,000 extra officers patrolling major landmarks here in new york city, including the new york stock exchange. cheryl caseone is outside the fox -- rather, she's with the fox business network. she's outside the stock exchange. cheryl. >> good morning. since 2001 september there have been 16 known terror plots against the city of new york. once again this morning new yorkers are waking up on high alert. mayor bloomberg coming out yesterday talking to new yorkers and saying while there is no known threat against the city right now, he is sending out 1,000 counterterrorism officers throughout the city today. major landmarks, strategic locations like the n
-raiser. then thursday, the opening of a george w. bush library, which i'm sure c-span viewers will get a lot of viewing of. >> host: that's something that we'll be able to show live on thursday morning at 11:00 a.m. on c-span3. c-span radio and that we'll all be covering that opening of the brary. steve dennis of "roll call", white house correspondent, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> guest: great to be here. >> the senate will gavel in today at 2:00 eastern time with a vote on the online sales tax bill scheduled for 5:30 p.m. eastern. and live on our companion network c-span, a discussion looking at ways to make medicare more efficient and less costly. that will be hosted by the kbrooking institution. that is scheduled to start 2:30 p.m. eastern time on c-span. >> she was very bright. she was very political, which is why she and lincoln sort of got together in the first place. she spoke several languages fluently. she was extremely well-educated. so she had all these things going for her but she had suffered a series of tremendous emotional blows. >> three of her four c
we saw under the prior administration, under george w. bush, was the argument that terror makes everything different, i.e., you have less rights. in rah suel and hamdi, we saw a relatively conservative supreme court ultimately tell president bush, no, you can't twist like that just because it's terrorism. >> michael, that seems like the danger in calling it terror, right? there was an immediate impulse, make sure president obama is calling it terror. lindsey graham sweet twooetieet telling him to remain silent. that would be the last thing. somehow terrorism makes it fine, right? >> we don't really know if this is terrorism. we don't know if there's political motivations. >> we don't know. we have to establish the definition of terror. everybody was terrorized. the political definition is something else. secondly, john ralston said imagine if you're the person subjected to the recriminations you want to put forth. be very careful if something happens in your family and your kid does something and your kid is on the terror list and the no-fly list, that's a different kettle of fi
was the belief that george w. bush was just crazy enough to strike the nuclear facilities, particularly after the iraq invasion. the other thing that got the chinese' attention was indeed designating north korea as a prime money laundering concern. because, again, the chinese were very concerned that we would take that to its full extent and find chinese banks to be aiding and abetting a prime money laundering concern which means they could not do business with the international financial community. i'm going to speculate that today for a variety of reasons dating back to 2006-2007 when the bush administration decided essentially overnight to remove all the levers of coercive power it had on the north creans and up too today, i'm going to speculate that the chinese do not believe the u.s. is credible either in military action to defend itself or its allies. when i say "defend" i'm talking about some of the things that bruce is talking about before. nor is the u.s. really credible in shutting down the criminal enterprise. because if it was, it would take harsher actions against chinese enterpr
, the former under secretary of the department of homeland security, president george w. bush's administration, and someone who added great wisdom and great knowledge to the deliberations of the task force, asa hutchinson. >> thank you, jim, and thank you for your leadership on the task force. and i want to express my thanks to the constitution project but also to all of my fellow task force members, what they brought to the table in terms of experience, wisdom, public service really made a difference in the development of this project and important report. as jim mentioned, there's more than 24 findings and recommendations. we can't cover all of those this morning, but we do want to hit some of the highlights. we hope you'll take the entire report, study it through, and look at each of those recommendations. why is this report important? it's important because we as a nation have to get this right. i look back in history to the time during world war ii that we interned some japanese-america japanese-americans. at the time it seemed like the right and proper thing to do. but in light of histor
to keep senators and staff safe. in 2003, the secret service revealed, president george w. bush received a letter containing a vial of ricin. no one was harmed in any of the cases. in this latest case, no word on anyone becoming sick. there is no indication this is tied to the boston terror scares. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> what is most important about the story, field tests are notoriously inaccurate. once again the potentially fatal powder, substance, ricin is now being sent, letter is being sent to a lab to make sure what they found perhaps is nothing or could be this particular -- >> more sophisticated tests. hopefully will conclude something else. right now does look like it could be. >> that's right. >>> claire mccaskill senator of missouri said the suspect in this case has been identified. they're familiar with this guy because he writes letters to lawmakers often. she won't say if there has been an arrest or anything like that. hopefully with any luck. get movement on the case fast. >> nobody said the two events would happen in boston and this mailing are connected.
was president george w. bush's national security advisor when terrorist attack the world trade center and the pentagon on september 11, 2001. a job program to help veterans reenter the workforce has more than 60,000 empty slots. it is geared to unemployed veterans between the age of 35 and 60 and covers up to one year of tuition for training. an update on the race for an open south carolina congressional seat. the former wife of the former governor mark sanford filed a complaint accusing him of trespassing at their home in violation of a divorce settlement. a judge has ordered the republican candidate to appear before heing two days faces an election for the congressional seat. some of the latest headlines on c-span radio. >> she came into the white house as a 47-year-old lady who it was well-known aided politics. at the deeply depressed death of her last surviving son , especially under the terrible circumstances in which he died. she did not have many friends, but she did have a wonderful family that kept her going and there always seemed to be someone there. she was a very intellec
history and you're comparing -- whatever. you'll be happy to know george w. bush says he's comfortable with his legacy on the iraq war. >> so he's the one. >> he would be the one. he said he was comfortable with his decision making regarding the iraq war. so, i feel better. i'm confident the decisions were made the right way. it is easy to forget what life was like when the decision was made. oh, no we remember exactly what life was like. >> we into you that iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. >> stephanie: yeah. i was talking to a friend yesterday about how -- that was really a bad period for -- you know, because i was visiting a friend in utah and mormon and utah, an amazing person. she had fox news on when i walked in. i was like oh, no! it was during the war. you started -- we started chatting. she's like well, you know, he has weapons of mass destruction and we had to -- i was like -- >> no! >> i was working -- at a right-wing station at that time and i remember saying to my fellow producers um, can someone please explain to me what iraq has to do with 9-11? i think i stunned them i
... >> this is the "full court press." >> quick check of the headlines here. former president george w. bush is enjoying spending his time painting and he's enjoying hearing what other people think about his paintings. he said that to the "dallas morning news." people are surprised to see his work but also "some people are surprised i can even read." he says he enjoys bursting the stereotypes, he's taking the painting class once a week. read the book "painting as a pastime" by winston churchill for inspiration. >> bill: well, peter there you go, you've been critical, skeptical about the president. >> i know, i have. >> bill: painting cat and dogs. >> maybe he's on to something here. >> the next picasso. >> i'm actually stunned to learn he can read. >> the anne frank house in the netherlands is defending justin bieber after he wrote in their guest book that he hoped anne frank would have been one of his belieber fans. the museum released a statement saying people need to focus on the positive here. what is special is that a 19-year-old spent an hour at a museum on a friday night when he could have been d
w. bush at the beginning of his presidency and at the end, it seems like much more than eight years passed by. >> so he's meeting with some of the dignitaries who are there, some of the family members. some who have suffered so much. the president will take his seat. this service will begin, and it will begin, we are told, with music. "praise to the lord, the almighty." and then welcoming remarks and opening prayer by the reverend liz walker of the roxbury presbyterian church. everyone will listen. everyone will pray. and everyone will hope for the best as we watch this cathedral. hopefully folks coming together and hopefully the nation coming together as well. this is one of those moments so many people will remember and reflect upon. it will be a powerful, a powerful moment. look at how majestic, jake, that cathedral is. this is the cathedral of the holy cross, obviously a catholic -- a catholic church. but representatives of other faiths, they will have prominent roles here, includiing protestants, jews, muslim. others will be here as well. >> just to get some background on the c
in laissez faire, and look at nixon or what george w. bush did in office and tried to do, nobody believes in it, and, yet, suddenly, when you look at the international economic policy, you take this strange theory that died in the robber barren era of the 1890s, domestically, and suddenly, it's treated like gospel truth, so another thing to wake you up on the controversy, and i harp on this because free trade is the perceived opinion spooned out by all the media, most of our political systems, and so it takes a little bit of stage setting here to hopefully get you guys to take the idea seriously, that maybe as i put in the book, that free trade doesn't work. here's an interesting thing, a translation into chinese. we have stuff translated, we have some friends here who told me it's okay, but if you look at all the oteccs in the world, ch, japan, germany, greater gemny, us tray ye, so on, so forth, they don't believe in free trade. these are the successful economies in the world, where we borrow money from. they have money right now to spare, and we don't. the reality is that the other maj
forum, formerly the director of the congressional budget office. 2003-george w. bush in 2005. that is when we first met. here.o have you we've enter. >> thank you. it is a privilege to be here today. i have submitted a written statement in the record. let me briefly make three points and i look forward to answering your questions. thefirst point is that immigration reform bill before you has many aspects that are important security considerations, economic impacts, legal issues, but at its core, immigration reform represents an economic policy opportunity. it is an opportunity for the united states to dictate the abolition of its people and future population. as i emphasized in my testimony , in the absence of immigration, low fertility rate mean that the u.s. population declines and the future growth of the u.s. as the data by immigration choices. it will dictate the labor force and the effort exerted in our economy. will have strong influences on the out partnership and business community. it will increase the productivity growth in the u.s. economy, the fundamental buildin
or richard nixon or george w. bush did in office and try to do, nobody believes them suddenly when you look at our international economic policy, we take the strange theory that died in the 1890s domestically and we certainly true to gospel truth. another thing to make you that maybe there's a real controversy here. i harp on this because free trade gets tuned out by all of the media, most of our political system. it takes a little stage setting to hopefully tissue eyes to take the idea seriously need the free trade does not work. this is a translation of my book into chinese. we started in taiwan. we are doing korean. i have some friends here have told me it's okay. i have some friends here have told me it's okay. if you look at the successful economies in the world, whether china and japan, germany, austria, swigermany, austria, switzerland, so on so forth come of the rest of the world doesn't believe in free trade. these are your the countries we are borrowing money from. they seem to let money to spare if we don't. the reality is the other major economies in the world either openly repu
of the george w. bush presidential library and museum from southern methodist university in dallas live thursday morning at 11:00 eastern on c-span3, c-span radio, and span,20 a.m. eastern on c- a conversation with the former first couple. >> "washington journal" continues. host: the boston marathon bombing is also having an impact on the immigration debate in the u.s. and some are drawing parallels to the way the 9/11 attacks changed the immigration debate in 2001 and 2002. a senior fellow at the council on foreign relations. about thet to talk front page of the washington times. your reaction to how the bombing is clinging to the immigration debate? guest: we have heard quite a lot about it in the last couple days as more details have come out about the two men behind this. i don'txpt it to have a significant impact. when you start to delve into what happened in the case -- and details are still coming out -- it does not appear to be directly related to a lot of issues on the table like immigration reform. folks on the republican side, a lot of them want to see legislation move mor
the programs will emerge. >> watch the dedication ceremony of the george w. bush presidential library and museum from southern methodist university in dallas, live, thursday morning, on c-span 3, c-span radio, and, and tune in earlier at 6:20 a.m. eastern on c-span for a conversation with the former first couple. >> now a judiciary committee hearing on the immigration plan being proposed bay bipartisan group of senators, referred to as the gang of eight. the bill unveiled last week is supported by the white house and a variety of groups, including the afl/cio. this portion of the hearing is about four hours. >> we'll ensure we're not back in the hearing room 30 grimes now to revisit the issue. will the small business and u.s.-based companies be able to compete and find high-skilled workers to grow the economy? will american workers truly come first? will we incentivize people to come here and overstaying their visas? these are questions i have. put in regard to border security, security is what is the basis of the sovereignty of any nation. we have independent authority ove
>> was the dedication ceremony of the george w. bush presidential library and museum. live thursday morning at 11:00 eastern on c-span 3, c-span radio, and >> the heritage foundation hosted a discussion with republican senator of utah on conservatism and the future of republican party. senator lee addressed the boston marathon bombing suspect and the immigration bill. this is 45 minutes. [applause] >> thank you very much. i want to offer my best wishes to everyone here at heritage as it embarks on what is an exciting new era. spent to make clear i much of the first year that i served in the senate joking or half joking that jim demint should run for president. this is not exactly what i had in mind. perhaps he misunderstood me. the thing that makes jim demint a great leader is the same thing that has always made people like mike spaulding and the heritage foundation so valuable. you are sharing assistance on making a positive case for conservatives, what conservatives are for. in washington it is common for both parties to succumb to easy negativity. republicans and democrats are oppo
of the george w. bush presidential library and museum in dallas. live thursday morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 3w, c-span radio, and and known for a conversation with the former first couple. >>> one of the problems when the judges are appointing the public defenders the job is to reliant on their approval and judges are judged on their efficiency. how fast do they process cases? how quickly do they get through the docket? so they're going want a public defender that goes gets the law. that does the bidding. that's a real challenge. and in nawrn for a long time the system was also that one public derchesd assigned to one courtroom and the same judge. they were always arguing before the same judge. ..
of the george w. bush presidential library and museum from southern methodist university in dallas. live thursday morning at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 3. c-span 35 radio and and tune in earlier at 6:20 a.m. eastern on c-span for conversation with the former first couple. >> one of the problems when the judges are appointing the public defenders is then that the public defenders' job is reliant on their approval. their es are judged on efficiency often. how fast do they process cases, how quickly do they get through the docket? so, they're going to want a public defender that goes along and gets along. that does their bidding. and that's a real challenge. and in new orleans, for a long time, the system was also that one public defender was a say -- assigned to one courtroom and the same judge. so they were always arguing before the same judge. and the problem with that is that they were then kind of trading clients in a way. like, ok, you know, my private paying client, you know, if you kind of let me spend a little time and take his case to trial, ok, i'll persuade that t
president george w. bush, there were 46 last year under president obama. we calculate there were 4600 casualties. al of those but four took place under president obama. who are the targets arizona professor indicated? militant leaders are not really being killed in the great number. we calculate only 2% of the total number of casual advertise are people you would term leaders. and so that is an interesting development. what was initially started, i thing, as a program that would target high level members of al qaeda, has in a sense deinvolved, particularly in pakistan forks a counterinsurgency air force and you can say that's good or bad, but it's a fact that is happening. where are the targets in pakistan? that'sy al qaeda network are located. what is in the civilian casualty rate? we found it has declined significantly over time. initially in the 2006 it was almost 2%. -- 100%. now today confirmed civilian casualties we calculate 2%. we also add an unknown category of 9% because sometimes at not clear if somebody is a civilian or militant, everybody dresses the same. and that member
the president's reaction and response to the boston bombings, much as they did with president george w. bush after september 11th, but what we saw yesterday in the white house was the president and his team really trying to keep pace with those quickly evolving events yesterday out of boston. the president noticeably staying out of public view. we didn't hear from white house press secretary jay carney yesterday. that because they didn't want to come and comment on this situation because there were so many unknowns and because it was developing and evolving so quickly. so, president obama, we finally saw him last night, but i can tell you throughout the day he was being briefed, he had a big briefing with his entire national security team in the morning. then again at about 4:00, he spoke with some of his top advisers, placed phone calls to governor deval patrick as well as mayor tom menino. he was really tuned in to what was going on. but as you know, chris, the events of yesterday were just extraordinary and hard to keep up. >> well, the other key question would the younger brother who is
. >> could we see another bush in the white house? former president george w. bush has his way, he recently told parade magazine, he hopes his brother jeb bush will make a 2016 run. no word from jeb on that just yet. >> clayton: with the only surviving suspect in the bombing suspect apparently shot through the throat. there was a search for a motive through all of this. clues like this popped up. youtube pages dedicated to radical immams. they left behind a valuable digital footprint. here is to explain, morgan, nice to see you this morning. what do you think investigators will be able to pull together from their social media pages to sort of paint a profile and motive? >> what you have, we use social media to document our life. it's the historical record, much like the "new york times" is the paper of record. so now what we see when they started off their first social media presence, we see what their preferences are and likes are. you can document changes in preference and thinking. what you subscribe to. maybe i was yankee's fan and became a boston fan. we can see people's attitude and p
would emerge. >> watch the dedication ceremony of the george w. bush presidential library and museum from southern methodist university in dallas live thursday morning at 11 a.m. eastern on c-span3, c-span radio and and tune in earlier for a conversation with the former first couple. >> german finance minister wolfgang schauble says he expects the european economy to begin imin 201 atth a the u.s. d developing nations. he at the council on foreign relations where he talked aboutffts tocraft a unified european financial system. mr. schauble was in washington last week for the g20 finance minister meetings. this is an hour. [inaudible conversations] >> well, ladies and gentlemen, i'm carla hills, i'm co-chair of the council on foreign relations, and we are privileged, indeed, to have with us the honorable wolfgang schauble, a highly experienced german government official who is currently serving as minister of finance. you have his resumÉ, and we're running late, so to maximize our time for conversation i will be undiplomatically brief. but let me simply say the myster hah
president george w. bush was elected, he expanded the program with project safe neighborhoods, focused the saoeupl -- same. unfortunately, under the current administration, this has not been a priority. indeed, firearms cases, prosecutions have dropped 30% in the obama justice department. all of us are united in wanting to stop violent crime, and in particular stop violent crime with firearms. i would suggest the most effective way to do so is ensure that we are prosecuting violent criminals who use firearms. and for that reason, this amendment creates a national project exile that would in particular focus on the 15 jurisdictions with the highest violent crime rates and three tribal jurisdictions with the highest crime rates. and it would devote $45 million -- $15 million a year for three years -- for more assistant u.s. attorneys and agents to pros violent gun crimes. to target exactly who we want to target: violent criminals. a third element -- and i would note as well, actually before we get to the third element, i would note as well that this legislation also includes new language
of the record. formerly director of the cbo 2005. george w. bush, 2003- i believe that is to me first met. it is good to have you here. >> thank you, chairman. >> all of this hearing is available on our video library. later in our program scheduled, we will taken next to the strategic and international studies. he is introducing taro aso , the foreign misr and deputy prime minister of japan to talk about japan's economy. ag on an. he comes now as the finance minister added time that is of remarkable significance. everyone has heard about the so- called economics. there is no success without action. it will require this man who was going to put in place the structure to bring around this transformation. this is a big deal. it is important for japan, it is important for the united states. we need to learn and listen carefully. we were talking about this matter for that the prime minist'use aboutarrows. the finance minister talked about bazookas. been a marksmen and representing japan at the olympics. he did not use bazookas then, but he is using bazookas now. it is a good thing for japan. p
would emerge. >> watch the dedication ceremony of the george w. bush library and museum. live thursday morning at 11:00 on c-span 3, c-span radio, and >> i walked into the kiosk, i am here to report. the guard came up and said, i knew one of your campaign managers and ohio. ok. the guards said, you have some hate mail. this is from california and massachusetts. you go through this most embarrassing part of the trip. and then i got into the intake, walked into prison, down into the courtyard, the warden will not use the language -- get away from him, he confined his own way. i do not know where to go, another prisoner said, where is your escort? i did not know. some little guy yelled. he took me in the back way of laundry room. said,n sitting there and are you the congressmen? i used to be. are your republican? i said, the republicans put me in here, you know. i was the mayor of east cleveland. welcome, i will get you some clothes. sunday at 8:00 on c-span q &a. the federal aviation administration to postpone employee furloughs and delayed plans to close air traffic control
by a decision under president george h.w. bush, but at that point there was a very clear message that, one, the united states' strategic nuclear forces based in the u.s. would extend the deterrent, and the united states also retained the capability if need be to deploy back in the region a nonstrategic or tactical weapons capability. and in 2010 when it put out its nuclear posture view, among other thing, that calls on the u.s. military to maintain those capabilities both to deploy strategic weapons if necessary, and i don't think it was any accident that the u.s. air force chose to fly two b-2s over south korea two weeks ago. but also in the nuclear posture is this idea of having a capability to forward deploy into the area dual capable tactical aircraft if necessary, although i don't think anybody's talking about that at this point. that's one of the things the administration's trying to do. it's also trying to do this in the context where the administration would like to more broadly reduce the number of nuclear weapons in the arsenal and also reduce american reliance on it. so there's
Search Results 100 to 129 of about 130 (some duplicates have been removed)